Monday, July 2, 2012

Awesome food for everyone!

Enter...The Dinner Ninja! 

I do the shopping
I do the cooking
I do the dishes
You just enjoy

Special diet? Food restrictions? No problem. 

The Dinner Ninja does:

Dairy Free
Low Carb
Gluten Free

Weekly Dinners.     Gourmet Camping Food.     Event Catering.     Date Night.

Life is short. Eat well

For information and scheduling:

How it works:
You and I sit down and discuss what you like to eat, any dietary restrictions or allergies. Based on this conversation, I create your weekly dinner menu. Then I  shop, come into your kitchen and do the cooking.

After preparing your dinners, I store them in your fridge or freezer, and email instructions on reheating as well as serving tips. I then DISAPPEAR (like a ninja!) from your kitchen, leaving nothing behind except for a fridge full of food. 

Weeknight Gourmet

5 dinners for 2 people = $150 (plus groceries)

All Dinner Ninja services include consultations, menu planning, shopping, cooking, food packaging and reheating instructions. 

Perfect for new parents, late workers, back to school and late night feasts. 

High-End Camping/Event Food
If you can boil water, then your camping or event experience just went from GORP to Duck Risotto. Whether you're heading off to the Gorge for Sasquatch, down to Burning Man or just out to the great outdoors, The Dinner Ninja can create incredible, effortless to prepare meals for you and your entire camp. The Dinner Ninja prepares the food in your kitchen, vacuum seals it in a boil bag and stores it in your freezer. Dinner Ninja Camping Food - delicious, minimal packaging, zero clean-up. 

Stealth Catering
I will come into your kitchen, prepare an exquisite meal and you get all the credit. There's stealth and then there's stealth. I will happily prepare meals that you can claim as your own. I will even leave the kitchen looking as if you cooked all day. THE DINNER NINJA DOES NOT JUDGE. 

Cooking Classes 
Learn super-useful kitchen techniques and how to prepare sumptuous dishes that will bolster confidence and creativity, impress/inspire friends and family, and, of course, will be DELICIOUS.
Classes:                                           $50/person (2 person minimum) + groceries

Dinner Service
From a romantic dinner for two to a full-on brunch buffet, The Dinner Ninja can help.  Let’s talk